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Road Warrior Protection Kit For Counter Surveillance

iProtect Road Warrior Protection Kit


Product Description

Made for those who travel, our Road Warrior kit detects credit card skimmers at gas pumps and ATMs as well as protects you from hidden cameras in hotel rooms or AirBnB rentals. Every day the news is filled with unsuspecting travelers discovering a snoop or spy camera in their hotel room. Approximately 40% of Americans have fallen prey to credit card theft. With the Road Warrior Kit we’ve combined our two most portable DIY counter surveillance devices into one economical personal protection solution.

In our Road Warrior Kit we’ve combined our two most popular, portable devices to protect you from identity fraud or breach of privacy.

The first item in this handy travel case is the easy-to-use hidden camera lens finder SpyFinder Pro! Whenever the traveler checks into a hotel, AirbnB, or any overnight accommodation that’s not in your own home, use the SpyFinder Pro to sweep the room for any camera. Spy Finder Pro will find hidden cameras regardless of whether they are powered on or off. Protect your privacy in one quick sweep.

The next item included in the Road Warrior kit is the deScammer credit card skimming detection device. Many travelers are victimized while on the road by credit card skimmers installed at gas pumps. These skimmers swipe your credit card info and send it via bluetooth transmission to the thief who can scarf up thousands of credit cards in one day! But deScammer is your early warning system against these criminals. Before filling up your tank, just aim the deScammer at the pump; press the button once; and wait for the light to turn green to tell you the credit card machine on the pump is safe. If the light turns red, beware! deScammer has detected the presence of a bluetooth transmission waiting to steal your credit card info. Use the deScammer to check any point of sale including ATMs. One touch and you’ll feel secure knowing your credit is safe to swipe or insert.

Always feel protected with the Road Warrior detection Kit!


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